Snímek obrazovky 2016-07-30 v 23.51.45

After the performance of the amazing iconic bands GjAIA Mesiah, COURTESANS FROM 25TH AVENUE, LILI VILIT, you can look forward to performance of a unique fragmented musical style of Project Jara-J on a small stage, accompanied by the great drummer Matyas Verner of the band SNUFF! Sounds, melodies, songs from Jara-J, sometimes resemble ambient style of In The Nursery, which sail to the corners of the hard electronics like F.L.A. and Skinny Puppy. They sometimes get into the merry dance trance vs Paul van Dyk, as well as rock bands with a hint of modern classic. This allstyle combination of his music creates an entirely new style of music for which the name is difficult to find and surely each viewer gets his money 🙂 KUBELÍKOVA 27 TUE 10/11M/2016 from 10:15pm and although it will be probably sold out on the main heros of the party, which ends at 10:00pm on me they will surely let you go 🙂 🙂 free entry START 10:15pm