My name is Jaroslav Junek. I am composer and lyricist from Czech Republic. Project Jara-J was established in year 2010 as an amateur project of small home studio as flashback after many years, because as a small boy I used to play piano a little.

I aim mostly on creation of electronic music up to the hard one, electronic body music and industrial. I compose also dance music, rock, rap, ambient even with classical orchestra sounds. As I use to say, I am not against any music style or genre.

I compose the music also for contemporary and new Czech and foreign bands, singers, music projects and DJs. I believe that my music will surely find its place in movies and commercials.

I cooperate with German band Twilight-Images. The result of our cooperation was the release of my first feat TERROR TV on their first CD Synthoponia. Volker Kah from this band wrote the lyrics and sang my song Evolution of the epidemic as well. Claus Larsen of Danish band Leaether Strip made the lyrics and sang my song “Perfect World”, which will be released, together with other artists, on my 3rd CD called Project Jara-J feat and remixes, which I am working on now. The second CD will be the maxi single Factory Man.

I also cooperate with the following artists:
Daniel Krob, The Snuff, Táňa Poláčková (Janis Joplin-Revival), Jan Vozáry (Oceán), Patrik Lev (Depressive Disorder), Robert Jíša, Twilight-Images (DE), Van Adrian (Theatre of Masquerade/DE), Rroyce (DE) , Claus Larsen (Leaether Strip/DK), David Synner (Crucifixion Machine/USA), Ivan Muňoz (Vigilante/Chile), Paul Seegers (Assemblage 23/USA).  And others.

You can listening me in Czech radios like RADIO 1, Czech radio RADIO WAVE and others also foreign ones, mainly German but also American internet radios. Despite I defend live performances, not only because it means long preparation and nerves for me even in case of small stage but also I am not such rebel as I used to be, I prefer to work as composer. But in October 2013 I made an exception – my first official concert, which was shot on DVD. This DVD will be enclosed as a bonus to my first released CD “Koláč pro všechny/Cake for all”, which is a mixture of music styles I compose. As guests to my live performance I invited drummer Matyáš Verner and singer Marek Kučera from the band The Snuff and also Van Adrian from the Berlin band Theatre of Masquerade, who sang the song Factory Man, he wrote the lyrics for. CD with DVD will be for sale soon.

Right a month after my first concert I performed on beneficial festival for handicapped kids with no home Benefiz-Veranstaltung vol.1, in Kulttempel Oberhausen, Germany.
I was contacted by musicians and common people who are trying to help where it is necessary and it is something you cannot say no. I really have very good impression from that, because to do good things is simply right. Otherwise I suppose that 2 performances a year are fully sufficient for me.:-) But of course it could happen that some big challenge appears the same like when I got into the semi-final of You Tube Fest and the best ones appear at big festivals like Rock for people and others.

Visit my e-shop, By purchasing of some of the products you are contributing to those who really need it. MUSIC FOR LIFEheart

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I am owner of copyrights.