Snímek obrazovky 2017-10-03 v 18.04.14
5.11.2017. 22:00 Jara-J will perform after the LAIBACH cult band, present their industrial/ebm-ambient-to-film art, as well as news from the just finishing album for the ninth album (I know you know). Admission to Jara-J is free. (Laibach) An unparalleled view of industrial music, a controversial band label (for example, in 2015 as one of the few western bands in the DPRK), an impressive stage show, courageous multimedia projects, and an unconventional cover-up of Opus, Beatles or Queen songs. all of this from Laibach has created a huge cult.

Club Palác Akropolis, Kubelíkova 27 Praha 3 13000 czech.rep